Kirsty works as both an Artist and Art Psychotherapist in London. Working and living in Shepherd's Bush with her husband Alastair. Kirsty's artworks concentrate on the reflections of wooded and rural areas in water. She enjoys the way the light bounces off the surface of water, distorting the images reflected in it, and finds the intensity of the light when it does this fascinating.

Over the past couple of years Kirsty's artwork has been influenced more and more by her work in mental health. Through encouraging others to express themselves creatively Kirsty feels it is a vital part of her own practise to do the same.

Kirsty's paintings are more about the creative process of the work and the aesthetic beauty of the finished piece, and less about the original subject used. Kirsty has worked with various interior designers to create one off statement artworks to compliment their designs, and continues to work with commissions both for individuals and private organisations.


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