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Kirsty works as both an Artist and Art Psychotherapist in London. After completing a Fine Art degree from Newcastle University and then going on to complete her Masters in Art Psychotherapy, she now works and lives in West London. Kirsty's work combines art with expression and emotion. She draws inspiration from her surroundings, predominantly nature - light and shadows, bursts of colour and the drama of changing landscapes. It also reflects a state of mind and the impulsiveness of expression - something which is key in her work as an Art Psychotherapist. 

Kirsty creates her images using acrylic paint as a starting point and then builds the image with oil glazes, using a palette knife, brushes and other home made tools to build up texture and depth. She allows each painting to grow organically and take a direction of it's own.

Kirsty has previously exhibited in London, Newcastle & Oxford with solo exhibitions in the Cotswolds. 

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